Stiker baru – Paket baru

Stiker baru – Paket baru

Akhirnya selesai juga stiker channel saya. Seperti biasa, terima kasih telah menonton! Terima kasih atas dukunganmu: .


34 thoughts on “Stiker baru – Paket baru

  1. You are one of the very best channels youtube, we love your humble personality as well as superb machining, restoring and video skills. Of course you should do whatever you wish and is best for your life, we understand and support your decision, even if we will miss your videos !

  2. Logo is awesome!
    Sticker is amazing! Love Papa Bridgeport cooking something up.
    Bottle opener is really cool too!

    Hope your health can be helped 🙂

    Wishing you well Cà Lem! I hope you find good fortune in your future.

  3. Well, considering you have health problems, USA is not a good place for you because there is no universal healthcare ("free" if you are a student or working., or contributing to the system in any way) as many countries in Europe have. Even with health insurance you might pay from your own money, or be refused for different reasons. Yet again, Europe doesn't have this garage workshop culture (to say so), because of all kind of health, safety etc regulations. I`m saying this because i follow a few youtubers like you, abom, diresta etc. I would love myself to have one, can't do it in Europe, can't move to USA because of health… Personally, as middle ground I would choose Canada… It's basically USA with healthcare system… Best of luck and keep us updated…

  4. I'm not a machinist, I'm technically inclined, somewhat understand how design works. You are a technical artist. A talent that I haven't seen elsewhere, be it on YouTube or physically where I am. Being a South East Asian myself, I perhaps understand some of your trials and tribulations. All I can wish is for you to be able to scale greater heights and move forward and upwards. To say I'll miss your uploads is an understatement. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Cheers.

  5. I would love a t-shirt with the technical pencil drawing of your mill as well. I think It'd look absolutely fantastic. As a poster, too.
    The bridgeport-monster is just phenomenal.

  6. Do you think you'd be able to make posters of the original bridgeport drawing? I think the design would suit a medium sized poster perfectly, It's an amazing drawing and I'd love to have it on my wall

  7. Hey man, I have much respect for you and your work in metal machinery, and now as well as a graphic designer, those drawings are very cool! Wherever you journey takes you, by all means keep us in the loop when you can, current machine shop or not. Hopefully your eye health improves sooner rather than later and that things work smoothly for you in your new adventures. Btw, going to send an email, I've wanted a sticker from you for a long time, was waiting to hear of them being made, lol!

  8. We'll take you in the U.S.! We've got industrial machine auctions daily and scrap yards the size of villages… For real, though, you are one of the most inspiring and impressive creators out there, and I wish you all the adventure and prosperity you seek.

  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching every second of your journey and know that wherever you go and whatever you end up doing you will do it well. All the best Ca Lem from Callum, Devon, England

  10. We have a lot in common. As soon as I build things up to the best I can something changes and I'm forced to leave it all behind. Wish you success and prosperity.

  11. Please keep the channel updated with your plans, someone with your talent will be and should be supported in whatever you do!

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