Penyimpanan Stiker DIY! (Stensil atau Die-Cut Juga!)

Penyimpanan Stiker DIY! (Stensil atau Die-Cut Juga!)

Ini adalah cara yang menyenangkan dan murah untuk penyimpanan DIY untuk stiker, stensil, atau Die-cuts Anda! Beri tahu saya di komentar untuk apa Anda akan menggunakannya !!! Itu lebih dari satu setengah jam syuting!!! Jadi, maafkan pengeditan yang berombak. Saya mencoba untuk tetap sekitar 15 menit. Inilah inspirasinya: Tautan ke item yang saya gunakan dan ❤️️ dapat ditemukan di sini: Daftar putar: ️ Pengorganisasian langkah demi langkah! ️ Mengatur Tip dan Trik ️ DIY dan Waktu Kerajinan! Ikuti untuk tips mengatur lebih banyak di media sosial: – FACEBOOK: – PINTEREST: – Beberapa YouTuber favorit saya untuk inspirasi lebih lanjut: Lakukan dengan uang receh, Clutterbug, Di rumah bersama Nikki, Ibu Minimal, Bersihkan ruang saya Musik: Katalog Musik Hak Bebas YouTube – Intro dan Outro: Country Cue 1 oleh Audionautix dilisensikan di bawah lisensi Creative Commons Attribution ( Artis: Fast forward segment: Short Guitar Clip by Audionautix berlisensi Creative Commons Attribution ( Artis: Call Clutter Fairy adalah peserta dalam Program Associates Amazon Services LLC, program periklanan afiliasi yang dirancang untuk menyediakan sarana bagi situs untuk mendapatkan biaya dengan menautkan ke dan situs afiliasi. Dengan menggunakan tautan ini, saya akan membuat sebagian kecil dari pembelian Anda, bahkan jika Anda membeli sesuatu yang lain–dan itu tidak akan dikenakan biaya apa pun. 😍 *Ini bukan video bersponsor. Semua pendapat benar-benar milik saya. ** Organizer Crafty sebelumnya bernama Call Clutter Fairy(yang h Anda masih dapat menemukannya di dan TIDAK berafiliasi dengan perusahaan Houston, Texas ‘The Clutter Fairy®’ Jika Anda mencari perusahaan Houston Texas, Anda dapat menemukannya di atau di saluran YouTube mereka .


44 thoughts on “Penyimpanan Stiker DIY! (Stensil atau Die-Cut Juga!)

  1. That is such a great idea Norrine! Awesome! As always, thank you for sharing your creativity, talent and inspiration! Stay safe, healthy and positive! God bless you and your family! 🙏❤🇺🇸😊

  2. Hi, I used this idea for my stickers and stencils. I had a large box that I wanted to store all of those things in one place. I bought two , I think 6packs of extra long file folders at the dollar tree, I cut them down to fit inside the box. I also added a separator at one end to fit stencils and idea books and I made a lid for the box to keep out dust. Is there some way I can show you pictures. Thanks for the idea. Debbie

  3. I Love this idea. I am working on organizing my beads and paints right now. I will work on my stickers next. Thank you for all of your wonderful idea. I took my jig saw and sander outside today to make 3 shelves for my book case. ☺♥

  4. So funny… I just got done measuring some boards so that we could get some more for our bed .."
    slats" as you would call them and lo and behold we almost have the same tape measure… I tried using a cheaper one before that ..
    it was awful… just like the tape you mentioned
    ..good tools do make a difference….like the good tape measure(night and day…LOVE the Stanley) does make a difference

    I LOVE this sticker storage idea!😀

  5. Just watched this for the second time, I have stickers, ephemera, stamps, papers, punches and larger tools that also need organizing. I can just see it, a construction dumpster on my small lawn, the living room window pulled out and all my extra things being thrown out the window hole into the dumpster. That could solve some of my issues, but the waste!! Guess I will keep plugging along…. Thanks again, Norrine for your top notch, creative ideas. Thanks for showing such a quick way to cover those folders. I can often find a large box of them at the Goodwill for $2. Angels surround you & bring you and the girls peace & safety! Thank you, Angels, always!

  6. Ohmygoodness, I thought I had a good system for stickers, letters etc, but— you’ve blown it out of the park!

  7. this is better than those accordian folders that cut your fingers and are too tight. and yours is so pretty and fun!

  8. What a good idea I will do that it will save me so much time I’m always dropping mine on the floor

  9. Hi Norinne, thank you for your fast reaction! I tried the hangers and the rings but I do not have enough room to hang them. I would rather have some kind of folders. Please forgive the autocorrectorfunction in my message! Thank you!! I hope you are warm and safe! Edda

  10. Hi Norrine! I am following you from Austria. I love your ideas and will trotzdem them out. Do you have an idea for storing quilting stecils? They are longer than filefolders and should not be folded. I made MySQL a bis Felder from cardboard but it is not very handy. Please help! Thank you!

  11. That is a super cute and great idea! Now WHAT do we do with those long ones? Ones like you get at the dollar tree.

  12. HmmmMMMMMmmmmmm…. Got my creative juices flowing on how I can use this on the parts of my genealogy photo collection that doesn't need displayed, but still needs treated special… HmmmMMMMmmmm….

  13. That is very cool…. Great tips also.
    I have my stickers in clear plastic containers like what wooden stamps come in… For example, in my flower drawer I have containers for flat flower stickers and one for bulky stickers etc.
    I love your videos

  14. I put my stickers in a binder with individual sheet protectors. My categories are letters- holidays & parties. Parties has stars, cupcakes or things for birthdays. Holidays are valentines day – easter – halloween. Christmas stuff is separate bin & put away.

  15. Do you happen to have done, a video on organizing a tiny tiny bathroom that has the very little storage. It doesn't have much room to put things.

  16. I absolutely love your project so pretty and so creative.
    I really believe that many times these make the best organizers is the are the ones that are handmade.
    I got to share an idea this is not in relation to what you're doing but it happened to make me sick because of file folders. Yesterday,
    I cleaned out to file cabinets.
    When I went to go put the folders back in I used containers to help those file folders stand up in the file cabinet.
    To anybody who reads this WOWWWWW…
    What an amazing difference so anybody who struggles with trying to get those file folders to stand up try using containers.
    Love your video thanks again for sharing🙂

  17. I love this idea, so cool with the wrapping paper and accordion fold. Going to try for sure. Thank you for all you do to help us. Love your color scheme too.

  18. I discovered your youtube channel a week ago. I have watched a LOT of your episodes but still have a ways to go. I wonder if you have done organization solutions for Cross Stitch patterns. I have lots of patterns that I currently have in sheet protectors stored in 5-inch binders. It kinda works! However, they weigh a lot, I can not see the divisions easily and are not easily sorted through to look at them. What type of storage would you do for these items? Plastic or cardboard storage box with foam core or photo mats cut to size to act as category dividers?

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