Menghasilkan uang dengan mencetak stiker! Roland-BN20. Ulasan tentang printer eco-solvent. Mencetak pada vinil

Menghasilkan uang dengan mencetak stiker! Roland-BN20. Ulasan tentang printer eco-solvent. Mencetak pada vinil

Saya memberikan review tentang Roland BN-20 dan membuat custom vinyl sticker. Cara menghasilkan uang di rumah dengan mencetak stiker Anda sendiri. Update di toko Alvalu Designs kami. Kunjungi toko kami @ Halaman web kami adalah Jangan ragu untuk mengirim email kepada saya di Jangan Lupa untuk berlangganan! .


49 thoughts on “Menghasilkan uang dengan mencetak stiker! Roland-BN20. Ulasan tentang printer eco-solvent. Mencetak pada vinil

  1. Does it cut the stickers out for you? Not like kisscut but more like Can you adjust the setting to cut it hard enough to pop the sticker out of the vinyl?

  2. Hello can someone help me pls ….. i have Epson L3151 for home ,its injekt printer can i print on Vinyl ? i know i can print in sticker paper kind of vinly but the quality is crap ….. i got some Vinlys but i did a try on White but the collors didnt dry … so do i have to chance colors on my ecotank printer or i just need special vinyl? or a printer like Roland 🙁 ..

  3. Quick question! Can you upload multiple designs to versaworks and the software will place on the canvas? they would all be the same size but different images in the stickers.

  4. Thanks for the tip on ink setup! I have a unit and just getting started and was considering the metalic option, but chose the M x2 config. No longer doubting it now, thanks a bunch!

  5. What transfer paper do you use for vinyl decals? I cannot for the life of me figure it out. It's either too sticky and ruins the vinyl or doesn't pick it up at all.

  6. it's amazing to see from where you started and where you are at now my friend. i am enjoying your videos. hats off to you. greetings from suriname south america

  7. are you basically saying a near on 7000£ print and cut machine has a pretty poor cutting operation . i wouldnt expect to have to buy a standalone cutter as this is the whole purpose of the machine to print and cut to a high quality

    thanks for your video great content 🙂

  8. How do you pick and choose jobs like your describing? Do you turn down customers that have the wrong kind of job? Or are you using some online job board for printers? Or?

  9. can you for example if you print on transparent sticker paper make part of the sticker have a white base and other parts no base, so that some parts of the sticker is semi-transparent?

  10. I am planning to print and cut sheet stickers for kids for retail. Which do feel would be the best print and cut for this type of product?

  11. Do you laminate the stickers? If so…any tips. I’m getting it hard time to laminate without bubbles or wrinkles

  12. Hi, is this printer's color capable of being calibrated with a spectrometer ? If you print something again in 6 months do you expect the color to be the same?

  13. Hi Derick.
    -Can I print labels with this machine?
    -Can I print labels on transparent substrate (media) with white ink?
    Thank you.

  14. Hi, can you Print in Gold too with another Ink Together? And how does the Printer know what to Print in Gold or another ink and where? Thanks! 😉

  15. Hey there …. just wabted to ask once you have printed and cut your stickers are they ready to use or do you need to lay the sticker paper on it …..???

  16. thanks for the information..I am planning to buy BN 20 and I was planning to metallic I will take white ink options.

  17. Yea I tough about purchasing the metallic but not!! Didn’t go for it, also the white static cling comes in a white roll so it depends on how they want the cling to look I have static cling and the roll is solid white so you really don’t need white static cling if you are planning on putting white on it, they also sell nice thin heat transfer at heat transfer warehouse that prints and feels amazing in the tees, I’ve own a BN-20 for around 7 years now so I’ve done some jobs on it. It’s a sweet machine. Thanks for the vid. 😬✌🏾

  18. You mentioned the metalic one bleeds and needs to be laminated. Are the normal vinyl stickers you're making waterproof with this machine? Or do you have to laminate them to insure that?


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