MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

Pelajari cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda untuk mendapatkan stiker yang sempurna! Saya ingin menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana saya membuat stiker dengan Cricut dan berbagi dengan Anda semua tip dan trik yang telah saya pelajari selama ini. Saya akan membahas hal-hal seperti cara memperbaiki hal-hal seperti mengapa kalibrasi Cricut Anda tidak berfungsi, pengaturan cetak untuk kertas glossy, pengaturan tekanan Cricut untuk lembar stiker, memformat lembar stiker di ruang desain Cricut dan jenis kertas stiker apa yang saya gunakan . —— Stempel WAKTU —— 0:50 Pendahuluan, gambaran umum dan alat 2:19 Memformat lembar stiker Anda 3:54 Menyiapkan lembar stiker Anda di ruang desain Cricut 5:48 Pengaturan cetak untuk cetakan yang akurat warna 7:09 Jenis kertas stiker dan apa yang saya gunakan 9:26 Pengaturan tekanan untuk memotong lembaran stiker 10:31 Tips pemotongan dan kalibrasi saat memotong lembaran stiker Anda 12:13 Outro, sukses dan perayaan yayy! —— LINK KERTAS STIKER —— Ini adalah kertas stiker yang saya gunakan: Tautan afiliasi di Amazon: Atau Anda dapat membeli kertas stiker di bawah ini langsung dari situs web mereka: *Putih mengkilap tahan air*: ► *Vinil transparan (tidak tahan air):* *Vinil transparan tahan air:* Gunakan kode promo SUMMER10 dapatkan diskon 10% untuk kertas stiker dari Berlaku hingga 30 September 2020. // Pengungkapan penuh: Saya mendapat komisi kecil untuk penjualan menggunakan kode promo ini. —— Alat yang Digunakan: —— • Procreate di iPad • Adobe Photoshop • Cricut Explore Air 2, mat standar dan mata pisau halus premium • Printer Canon Inkjet ip7250 • Barang Evergreen Premium Glossy Waterproof untuk printer INKJET —— Tentang —— Saya seorang seniman dan desainer yang tinggal di Swedia tempat saya membuat dan membuat semua barang saya sambil menjalankan toko kecil buatan tangan saya. Saya suka menjadi kreatif dan ingin berbagi kreativitas saya dengan siapa pun yang tertarik untuk ikut dalam perjalanan ini 😀 —— Sosial! —— Toko: Instagram: Facebook: .


49 thoughts on “MEMBUAT STIKER DI RUMAH: cara mengatur lembar stiker dengan Cricut Anda

  1. I just wanted to thank you for this video. I was getting so frustrated that the Cricut design space was ruining the colours of my stickers, and couldn’t get the cuts to align properly when I did cut only. As you suggested, I set my printer to glossy and best standard and my stickers look amazing – so rich in colour. Thank you so much!!!

  2. What a great video tutorial! Definitely one of the best and to the point tutorials on YouTube. I have liked and subscribe ☺️ I hope you post more video tutorials on making products.

  3. Hii , I feel like I followed all the instructions but my Cricut will only cut the background layer and not the layer on top..what do u think ? Thanks !

  4. Thanks for the video! I'm having trouble with my cricut cutting jagged spots on my laminated sticker sheets, I've checked to make sure my image is the correct DPI/quality and everything – blade is also brand new. I'm using Procreate to design my stickers and create the border around them. Any tips/fixes?

  5. OMG OMG you are absolutely a lifesaver 😫♥️♥️♥️THANK YOUUUU, i spent weeks to figure out how to change my printer settings on the cricut design space 😞 but now finally i found a really good video explaining how to do that 🙊 Thanks again

  6. I know this video is old, but I just want to say I used your tutorial and I can not be happier 😭 thank you!

  7. I did everything you did but it doesnt cut the stickers themselves only the outline of the sticker sheet, did i do something wrong?

  8. i keep facing the same trouble with the cricut simply cutting the around the border of the actual sticker sheet… do you know anything that could help? im using the new offset feature to make my borders

  9. Thank you so much!!! This video helped me a lot!!! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us <3 new suscriber from Chile 🇨🇱

  10. Hi! Help! For a Kiss Cut Sticker sheet with a backing card – I can only seem to get my outline cut out when I have a white backing card (yes saved as a png) and i’ve tried the hack of duplicating the backing card to make that fully cut out but it doesn’t even register to kiss cut the actual stickers whenever i have a backing card…any thoughts on what i’m doing wrong?

  11. How did you make the back layer. I see the process of the front layer stickers but not the “blue back layer” ones. 🙂 ty

  12. Just found your channel and you have the best tutorial. Thankyou so much for explaining things clearly💕😊

  13. Mine just cut out the square background but not the stickers lol not sure what to do next, I have a cricut maker and only have the washi paper setting, not washi tape.

  14. What is that tablet thing that you draw on called? Lol I'm not very tech savvy so I'm not sure of the proper name. But where would I get one?

  15. Heyy! SOS!! Just bought my cricut and a printer but the design space app won't connect to the printer 🙁 can someone help?? It's causing a lot of measurement and cutting problems.

  16. I love your video but i still have a question, how do you create the back layer ? <3

  17. Hi, can someone please clear my doubt? I want to sell printable stickers that are compatible with cricut, but I don’t have a cricut. I have illustrated my stickers on a 8.5 “ x 11” canvas on procreate. Then I created a white outline for all the images in the layer below the illustrations and filled it in with white color. I want to know that If I sell the transparent .png file of the sticker sheet, can people use their cricut on it? Will it work? I am also looking for people to test my stickers out and send a video of it printing (I can pay you a small amount for this). So please contact me if you are interested. Thanks 😊

  18. what do you think the cost is to make one sticker sheet, just like the one you just made?

  19. Thank you so much! So informative.
    I have an issue with die cut sticker, it tried testing mine and the problem is that its so hard to peel of. Did this happen to you before? I'm not sure is it my cutting settings of paper quality 🙁

  20. Amazing video! 🙌🏻 I’m curious, of all the sticker paper you have tried was there one from the US that you liked as a runner up to evergreen goods?

  21. Loved this Video!! You explained the process perfectly! Now i want to do my own stickers!😍 one question tho, how would you make glitter stickers? Laminate some glitter adhesive tape on top? Would you do a Video off that also please?☺️ Lots of love from Germany🌱

  22. The reason you're having a problem with lining up your sticker layer with the background is because the proportions of your sticker layer are different than your background layer. Your back layer's proportions are defined by the blue rectangle but your sticker layers borders are defined by the stickers at the edges. (I hope this makes sense)
    So your sticker layer is smaller in width than your back layer, yet you are resizing them the same.

    To easily line up the stickers with the back layer put registration marks on the sticker layer.
    Registration Marks are small squares (size doesn't matter but I usually keep mine .25" each).
    You put 1 square in each corner of the layer as it corresponds to the back layer (the blue rectangle) and make sure they aren't touching any sticker.
    This way when u upload the sticker layer it will have the same proportions as your back layer.
    Then when you resize the two layers together they will always have the same proportions.
    Once you are done resizing simply slice the 4 registration mark squares out of the sticker layer and continue.

    I hope I was clear. Feel free to ask questions.

  23. thank you for this tutorial! I am so thankful for sticker makers/artists like you that help people like me who are totally lost. thank's so much and I look forward to supporting you more ☺️❤️

  24. I had a little problem, my cricut only cut the border of my backround and didn’t continue to do the kiss cut around my designs 😔

  25. I do have a small question TAT but first, thank you so much for this video! Before this I couldn't even figure out how to print from cricut design space but thanks to this video I got as far as the cutting step! ;A; literally the most detailed tutorial I've found thus far!
    My small problem is…I don't have photoshop, so I've been exporting the front and back layer directly from procreate as PNG files. I followed the rest of the steps but I found that my cricut was only cutting the outline of the back image (so just a huge rectangle) instead of the outlines of the stickers I drew! I was wondering if you've come across this and have a possible fix? And does the file type matter?
    Thank you so much again!

  26. I have a problem we’re the tint on my stickers comes off. Is that normal? How can I fix it?? I want to make good stickers

  27. this video was a lifesaver!! i had no idea what i was getting myself into but now i’m making progress. <3

  28. When I do the background separate from the stickers exactly as you did here, it only cuts the background square, leaving the stickers untouched. Any idea why?

  29. 3mins in and i can tell i can figure this out! Soo many tutorials out there that complicate the process this is bu far the best one!!

  30. I wanted to get this machine for a very long time to make stickers 😅 But I was so intimidated 😂😂😂
    Thank you for this video! I love it! Btw, I super love the sticker sheets and the background do you have a video of that? or a tutorial? Not sure already how many times I watched your video lol

  31. Hey, not sure if anyone can help. But I’ve followed these steps exactly and cricut only cuts out the backing but won’t cut my actually stickers on the sheet 😫 honestly, I have such issues with my cricut, I just can’t get on with it! 😫 thanks

  32. I don't have a Cricut yet, I came across your video while searching on which Cricut to buy (Joy or air 2). and your video has made me understand the process !! I really enjoyed your video ! please continue to be who you are !!

  33. I followed all your steps and it still didn’t cut my stickers only the outline of the background

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