MAKAN PENGURANGAN MAKANAN DARI ALDI | 24 Jam Makan Makanan Stiker Merah/Kuning! 2021

MAKAN PENGURANGAN MAKANAN DARI ALDI | 24 Jam Makan Makanan Stiker Merah/Kuning! 2021

MAKAN PENGURANGAN MAKANAN DARI ALDI | 24 Jam Makan Makanan Stiker Merah/Kuning! 2021 Halo! Video hari ini adalah saya mencoba makanan yang dikurangi Aldi selama 24 jam – makan dan membeli makanan yang dikurangi dari Aldi adalah cara yang luar biasa untuk menghemat uang DAN menyelamatkan planet ini! Saya mengunggah potongan makanan dari Aldi minggu lalu (tautan di bawah) yang menunjukkan lebih banyak detail penghematan yang kami lakukan! Pandangan saya secara keseluruhan tentang makan makanan yang dikurangi adalah luar biasa! Anda tidak harus melakukannya selama 24 jam, itu bisa menjadi gaya hidup yang baik untuk dompet dan planet Anda! Makanan berstiker Merah/Kuning dapat ditemukan di semua supermarket pada waktu “pengurangan jam” tertentu! Saya akan memfilmkan ini sebagai seri untuk melihat waktu mana yang terbaik untuk setiap supermarket (semua makanan berlabel merah yang dikurangi dari Aldi ini dibeli sekitar pukul 20:30 pada malam hari kerja) NIKMATI #EatingReducedFoodFromAldi #24HoursEatingReducedFoods #AldiFood2021 Aldi Reduced Food Only Haul 2021: Hubungi: Pakaian/Produk Dalam Video Hari Ini: Wildflower T: Tautan Saya: Instagram Saya : Tautan yang ditandai dengan • adalah tautan afiliasi – yang berarti saya menerima persentase kecil dari pendapatan yang diperoleh dari pembelian produk melalui tautan ini- tidak memengaruhi apa yang Anda bayar untuk produk tersebut .


20 thoughts on “MAKAN PENGURANGAN MAKANAN DARI ALDI | 24 Jam Makan Makanan Stiker Merah/Kuning! 2021

  1. Gooooood morning!! Do you do any reduced shopping?? For saving money, saving the planet or just enjoying a discount I really think it is GREAT! Which supermarket shall I try this out with next? ❤️

  2. Love this video! I'm all for a bargain and think it's really great that you are highlighting the importance of reducing food waste! 👍 I love Aldi and Lidl, it's just a huge shame that you can't buy anything in their stores that's not in single use plastic! 😢

  3. Loved this video! keep em coming. I am an aldi girl at heart but would love to see other supermarkets aswell ❤

  4. If your veg hasn't gone brown and manky looking, it's probably okay. If your bread isn't green, it's fine. Just sniff it, and stuff. I usually make my dad try some to tell me, cos he doesn't really care😂

  5. You set off my Alexa!!! She started playing Purple Rain too :') I love a good reduction!!

  6. If it smells fine and looks fine, it most likely is fine! I always go by my senses with out of date food! Love the vid – there's a lot of people out there who throw things out as soon as they reach the best before date and it makes me so mad!!

  7. Hello I just like to say I buy reduced foods all the time to save money ,and I am glad you are doing these sorts of videos,to make people realise it is save to eat reduce foods and they don’t go out of date .please keep up the good work hope you are will and keeping safe take care of yourself and Lawrence xx

  8. Enjoyed watching what you eat from aldi special byes take care both of you and baby xx💕

  9. Check out reduction raider on Instagram if you are looking to do a reduction series. She has great advice and she only shops reduced or free food

  10. I love bargain reduced foods.tesco 8pm night used to be good

    Morrisons Sunday at 3pm x

  11. Sopherina, I’ve just got home from shopping at Aldi amazing selection of items including wonderful salad & I highly recommend you trying Aldi’s ‘No Pork’ sausage rolls so delicious warmed up it’s a mushroom filling unreal taste can’t believe it’s vegan! Also Iceland the Slimming World frozen meatballs it’s pork & beef so tasty, and the same brand Beef quarter pounders. I am not in a diet but found these to be very tasty and not fake or fatty and easy to prepare with a salad & picked gherkins. This week I am going to have a change away from homemade soup! It’s -4 so back home now with a hot water bottle and watching your delicious feast!! We do the same with bread and bagels etc it’s great they don’t stick together. Your house looks so cosy can you give us a tour? Best wishes to you both…

  12. How many weeks are you xx love Aldi it’s the best supermarket ❤️do you like sweets or chocolate

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