Desain Dengan Saya | Membuat Sketsa Kit Stiker Planner

Desain Dengan Saya | Membuat Sketsa Kit Stiker Planner

Sedikit video yang berbeda! Semoga agak menarik ^__^ Kit ini akan dirilis pada 20 Agustus 2021 pukul 9 pagi PT untuk obral ulang tahun saya! Intro 00:00 Sketsa 02:21 Warna 18:28 Belanja Stiker Saya Situs Web: Etsy: Kupon: YOUTUBE10 untuk diskon 10% 10USD+ Terhubung Dengan Saya Grup Facebook: (barang cetakan gratis eksklusif, bocoran desain, dan banyak lagi!) Belanja Instagram: Personal Instagram: Spotify Playlist: Planners I Use LightsPlannerAction: Archer & Olive Bullet Journal: Leuchtturm Bullet Journal: Notebook pelancong Foxyfix: Pena yang Saya Gunakan Energel Clena 0.5mm Muji Gel Pen 0.5mm Inkjoy Gel Pen 0.5mm Mildliners Pertanyaan yang Sering Diajukan Q: Apakah Anda melakukan spread ini setelah minggu berakhir? A: Saya selalu memfilmkan diri saya membuat spread ini sebelum minggu dimulai dan terus mengisinya selama seminggu. Saya mengumpulkan rekaman di akhir minggu dan melakukan sulih suara saya, itulah sebabnya semua yang saya katakan dalam bentuk lampau! Saya selalu lebih suka untuk merencanakan ke depan~ T: Bagaimana Anda menggunakan begitu banyak perencana pada saat yang bersamaan? J: Setiap minggu, saya memilih beberapa perencana untuk saya gunakan jadi saya tidak benar-benar menggunakan SEMUA perencana saya setiap minggu! Misalnya, saya selalu memilih perencana untuk dibawa bepergian, satu untuk akademis, satu untuk bisnis, dan satu lagi yang lebih dekoratif dan menyenangkan. Bagian dari apa yang saya lakukan adalah menampilkan ide yang tersebar sehingga saya memiliki tata letak yang sangat berbeda! Q: Bagaimana Anda belajar huruf Anda? A: Ini jawaban yang cukup menyebalkan tapi…latihan latihan! Saya tidak menggunakan buku atau sumber daya tunggal untuk belajar. Sejujurnya saya baru saja mempelajari berbagai jenis huruf dalam kehidupan sehari-hari saya (hal-hal seperti sampul buku, poster, dll.) dan berlatih bila memungkinkan!!! #desain #desain grafis #sketsa


20 thoughts on “Desain Dengan Saya | Membuat Sketsa Kit Stiker Planner

  1. A bit late but I really loved this video! Watching you come up with these ideas felt like a reminder that there is a process for everything, and with hard work and determination plans can be made. It doesn't just show up in a shop to buy, and that encourages me to keep practicing and working on my goals. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. You are so creative and driven. Would love if you remembered to love yourself with kind words. As loved as your shop and stickers are, please remember I'm sure they aren't loved as much as you are. Thank you for the video. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Helen for sharing this behind the scenes design stuff with us! Plus it was awesome to have a 38 min video, I'm always happy to see longer videos from you! So fun to hear your design process and I went and checked all the kits of yours I have after and saw that yes indeed there's always 4 emoti boxes and 4 other ones. I'd never noticed most of this stuff before until you pointed it out!

    Video idea if you want – Sometime it'd be cool to see how you go from final art to making the kit on the silhouette, I have no idea how that would even work! It's like magic to me how you make these kits 😍

  4. Heh I spot the pairing of grey nail polish to match the theme!
    Also, this was soooo cool to watch!!
    I've learned abit of design thinking before and to hear how you apply them is really interesting!
    Thank you so much Helen for being so open to sharing these insights! ❤️

  5. I love the kit we all have not so happy days! But your kit can help to brighten our days the eyore is adorable

  6. I love this video so much!!! It's so nice to see your thinking process to create your designs!!

  7. Seriously everything you said makes so so so much sense and every change you made, made the boxes so much better then before!!!

    Great job you’re art and process is amazing. As well as an inspiration to us artist and designers!!!

    My life is currently imploding on itself I needed this type of video thank you so much.


  8. Like everyone else, this was so soothing and fascinating to watch. You are definitely super talented! As well, you should be uber proud of all you've accomplished starting at such a young age. Your dedication, focus, and ability to multi-task, upload videos, and growing your business while finishing school is so impressive!!!!! I think I can say on behalf of many people that we are really proud of your success (and continued success), and we know that the sky's the limit for you 💕💖 I will show your videos to my kids when they are older to guilt-trip them if they get lazy or are unmotivated 😂😂😂

  9. This is an interesting video. It's amazing how artists and creators put in a lot of effort in making things with their passion. A lot of ideas and hours put into one piece of work. Amazing.

  10. "Idk what anything looks like"… sketches a perfect Eeyore. This is a very cool video, thank you for sharing your process!

  11. Congratulations on 1L!! You totally deserve it! I love your channel and I admire your artwork so much. I especially enjoy your vlogs Cz I recently started to vlog and I feel good watching other’s vlogging style. Trust me, you keep saying you’re not good at it but I disagree 😂 I love watching you 🤩🤍🤗

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