Cetak offset cricut lalu potong – pembuatan sticker dengan Design Space – Menggunakan offset dengan print lalu potong

Cetak offset cricut lalu potong – pembuatan sticker dengan Design Space – Menggunakan offset dengan print lalu potong

Fitur offset baru Cricut diluncurkan kepada pengguna bulan ini dan kami semua sangat senang akhirnya memiliki fitur ini. Anda dapat melakukan banyak hal dengannya dan salah satu pertanyaan paling populer yang saya terima adalah “dapatkah saya menggunakannya untuk mencetak lalu memotong?” Jawabannya iya! Ini adalah cara yang bagus untuk membuat stiker dan desain yang terlihat sangat profesional di ruang desain dan tidak perlu mempelajari perangkat lunak lain yang mungkin lebih rumit untuk melakukannya! Saya menggunakan situs web yang tercantum di bawah ini untuk menghapus latar belakang saya dan ini adalah situs yang sangat sederhana untuk digunakan! Saya harap Anda akan mencoba menggunakan fitur offset Cricut Design Space dengan proyek cetak lalu potong Anda berikutnya. Vinyl Cetak – Kode CORINNE untuk menghemat 5% Pastikan untuk menandai saya di Instagram pada foto Anda jika Anda membuat proyek ini! @corinne_Blackstonecrafts ❤️ HAL FAVORIT SAYA ❤️ TOKO VINYL GUNAKAN KODE: CORINNE untuk menghemat 5% BELANJA TOKO AMAZON SAYA DAPATKAN SITUS WEB SVG CRICUT GABUNG SAYA DI HALAMAN MEDIA SOSIAL SAYA YANG LAIN ️ FTIKACETOK INI BUKAN FTIKACEBOK SAYA ️ INSTAGRAM SAYA ️ INSTAGRAM SAYA ️ Beberapa tautan mungkin berafiliasi. ❤ PERUSAHAAN PERHATIAN: Jika Anda adalah perusahaan yang tertarik untuk bekerja dengan saya, silakan hubungi cblackstone1111@gmail.com .


35 thoughts on “Cetak offset cricut lalu potong – pembuatan sticker dengan Design Space – Menggunakan offset dengan print lalu potong

  1. Thank you so much for this video! It really helped me get closer to finishing my project. One thing I noticed is when you hit "make it" it went right to make it window. I get a yellow bar across of design space that says 'whoa, that's a big project! This may take a while!" Finally after 5 minutes or so, I get to the part where it sorts the project onto mats. It should only be 1 mat but I still get another, "wow! Big project…" message and it takes another 5 minutes, maybe longer, to load the project!! Has this ever happened to you? I'm wondering if my poor old computer is just too full and slow to handle this? Thank you!

  2. Can you please help me ? :(( I added the offset onto my stickers in the canvas and when I print them they don't appear onto the sticker paper. I know i am not supposed to see it but the crucit doesn't read the offset outline. I also tried to print it on colored paper to see if it's showing up and it's not. idk what to do))): i attached and flatten also! nothings working and im wasting ink. maybe you can help? 🙁

  3. So I tried using a computer but it doesn’t give me the option to do stickers like this

  4. Do u only have this option on a computer because ur design space looks different then mine and I can’t find that offset button

  5. Thanks for making a video with the Offset Feature using images rather than just text. This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish- a sticker that provides a small offset “contoured” border around an image rather than being stuck with a boring basic shape. The problem- I can only mange to get the offset to work on text, not on images. Are there constraints/limits to the images used? Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thank you

  6. What is the best printer for sticker n all print n cut I want to get into doing more stickers

  7. This was a great tutorial. I’ve seen some tic tokers make stickers- print them and do a kiss cut and then re feed the sticker paper and go back and cut out the offset so each sticker is an individual sticker they can sell. Can you make a video on how to do that?

  8. I have the offset icon but can not get it to offset .I have all the requirements on my desktop and when I try offset get a message saying a Java script occurred any suggestions

  9. Thank you so much! I needed this. What setting would I use to make a sheet of stickers like you did. Mine all cut out individually. I used default pressure on sticker paper setting.

  10. thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH!!!!! this has been killing me and you taught me so effortlessly!!!!!

  11. NICE! How do you cut it so it cuts individually, like individual stickers and not a sheet of stickers?

  12. Great video. One quick question what would you put over to seal the stickers to the cups? Or do you have to use the uv laminate kind of paper? Thank you

  13. When I tried to use the program to remove the background it said it was “UNSAFE”!!

  14. If you wanted to make stickers that are cut out all the way, which setting should you use?

  15. Hi Corrine, great video…I've been wanting to do this. What setting did you use for cutting? Printable vinyl, washi?

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