Cara Menggunakan Kertas Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

Cara Menggunakan Kertas Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

Anda akan senang mempelajari cara bekerja dengan Cricut Printable Sticker Paper. Ini adalah bahan yang bagus untuk dikerjakan dan memiliki begitu banyak kegunaan yang luar biasa! Jika Anda menyukai Cricut, Anda akan menikmati tutorial Cricut ini. Jika Anda ingin tahu cara menggunakan kertas stiker yang dapat dicetak, ini adalah video untuk Anda. Ini juga merupakan video yang bagus untuk pemula Cricut. Saya suka mempelajari cara-cara baru tentang cara menggunakan Cricut saya. Potong File yang Digunakan: Cetak dan Potong Bunga: Dapatkan Ribuan File Potong, Font, Panduan yang Dapat Dicetak, dan banyak lagi – Gunakan kode “YOUTUBE” saat checkout untuk diskon spesial Anda! GRATIS 5 Hari Kuasai Tantangan Cricut Anda: Berlangganan Untuk Video Baru! Beberapa link yang disediakan adalah link afiliasi. Makers Gonna Learn adalah peserta dalam Program Associates Amazon Services LLC, sebuah program periklanan afiliasi. Sebagai Rekanan Amazon, kami memperoleh penghasilan dari pembelian yang memenuhi syarat. Ini berarti, tanpa biaya tambahan kepada Anda, kami akan mendapatkan komisi jika Anda mengklik dan melakukan pembelian. Kertas Stiker Cricut yang Dapat Dicetak: Cricut StandardGrip Mat: Cricut Maker: Pita Pengukur: Alat Penyiangan Favorit Kami: Belanja Produk Favorit Kami: Belanja 143 Vinyl: Belanja Perlengkapan Cricut: Pesan Cricut Maker Anda: Dapatkan Cricut Mini EasyPress Anda: Masking Paper Transfer Tape: Botol Pompa: Scotch ATG Gun: Mod Podge Aman Pencuci Piring: Alat Penyiangan Favorit Kami: Vinyl Cetak Favorit Kami: Alat Pembakar Favorit Kami: Pin Pen Tool: Starcraft Vinyl: Siser EasyWeed : Hubungi kami di sini: Temukan Kami Di Sini: SITUS WEB: INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – PINTEREST: #cricut #cricutmaker #cricuthack #cricuthacks #cricuttips #cricuttutorial #cricutmade #svgfiles #svg #cutfiles #diecutting #handmade #craftproject #diytutorial #easydiy #craftideas # easycricutcraft #beginnercricut #cricuteasypress #vinyl #htv #ironon #sublimation #sublimationprinting #diymugs #designspace #cricuthowto #cricutbginner #cricutinspiration #cricutdesignspace #howtocricut #designspacebeginner #cricutsealing #howtoseal #sealing kritis.


48 thoughts on “Cara Menggunakan Kertas Stiker yang Dapat Dicetak

  1. Hi Rachel, thank you for this tutorial. I like how you explain everything so well.
    Can i ask, what would be the best printable sticker paper or printable vinyl to use on glasses or mugs please for durability.

    Thank you
    Carol x UK

  2. Sadly, not all printers work for the Cricut sticker paper! My HP keeps jamming because the paper is too thick 🙁

  3. Is the sticker paper water proof? My concern is that if someone gets the sticker wet the ink will bleed.

  4. My printer wouldn’t take it because the paper is thick anything i can do about that ? I set the settings to specially paper matte

  5. Can I make this (sticker) just using the Cricut explore air 2 without a printer using the Circut sticker paper?? Thank you!

  6. love yalls videos, going to join once i learn little bit more :), how did you get that flower to cut out like that, and not just a box around it, cant figure that out 🙁

  7. Can sticker paper stick to wood? I want to print a picture of someone on sticker paper and put it on a wooden box? Anyone know ahh

  8. Why does my glossy sticker paper not dry :/ no matter what I'm doing its rubbing off the ink and smudging everywhere help please someone x

  9. what settings do you use for linetype and fill? This wasn't explained. I don't have the 'bleed' option when I select make it.

  10. I am having a problem with the black boarder box getting cut off as I print. Any idea what happening I selected print paper because the paper is so thick

  11. I do not have a professional electric cutter only scissors, I was looking to use the Avery printable sticker paper will it work with that application?

  12. Any suggestions on smearing? When I print onto this exact paper with my inkjet printer ( HP Pagewide). I have everything right exampt that, which is a massive issue lol. Any suggestions will help

  13. So typically to not waste paper the best thing would be to either do a full sheet project or keep manipulating the remaining sheet to print on unused areas. I always struggle with that part.

  14. The video was perfect . So I’m
    Having a issue with the paper bleeding the stickers . Once it’s done the ink comes off .Curious to see if this paper does that . I’m working with hp printer . Inkjet

  15. I can’t get mine to cut the actual image. It just cuts out around the border and that’s it. Does it depend on the image you choose? I can’t figure it out and have tried 3 times.

  16. Did you modify the paper setting on your printer? If so what setting did you use? Mine will not send that stiff paper through. It jams Everytime. Grr I was able to get the starcraft brand to print and I also put a laminate on before I cut . I love y'alls videos, thank you very much for helping all of us learn.

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