Cara Mendesain Stiker Planner di Canva

Cara Mendesain Stiker Planner di Canva

Lihat saya membuat Stiker Planner di Canva. Kursus hebat yang saya ikuti untuk mempelajari cara membuat dan menjual stiker: KLIK untuk mendapatkan Template Stiker: Dapatkan Template Canva GRATIS yang Anda lihat di video saya: KLIK untuk mendapatkan Template Jurnal Canva yang Dapat Diedit: Ingin mulai menjual perencana di toko? Ambil Template Perencana Canva: Di mana menemukan saya? Situs web: Facebook: Instagram: TERIMA KASIH SUDAH MENONTON! .


23 thoughts on “Cara Mendesain Stiker Planner di Canva

  1. hello there! I love this tutorial! I am just wondering how can i pre-cropped the digital stickers for my customers to use on goodnotes? Thanks alot!

  2. I've watched some other videos on how to create in Canva and NONE of them clicked for me until yours. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this tutorial!!!!

  3. Helpful! Helpful! Helpful!! Wow! Best help in making stickers I could find! Thanks for making these videos!

  4. HELP! When I drag my corner to make square larger, mine doesn’t show the size in black. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!!

  5. It has been really informative, thabks a lot! I hope I can do as many things as you with Canva free version. But anyway, I got really good ideas. I am so excited to see what can I come up with. Thanks a lot for the video!

  6. Very good tutorial. Love it

    But I have a question:

    Which printer is the best for stickers? I need to know that urgently!!

  7. How do you upload it to Cricut design space? So that it’ll cut each individual sticker?

  8. how can you add this into GoodNotes and keep it in the same layout? Do you have to crop each sticker and then re lay it out in good notes?

  9. soo… I have a doubt after creating the planner i wanted to create the stickers so should make the stickers in the same document or different and how do I combine them

  10. This is great thank you – could you do a video on how you print these stickers pretty please 🙂

  11. You can select everything you want to change the color of, then select the color you want and viola. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial. I'm creating this with you for practice!

  12. You can also click and hit the shift key and while you are holding the shift key you can click everything you want to change. Then release the shift key and change the color. It will change everything that you clicked

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