Cara Membuat STIKER TAHAN AIR Berkualitas Pro (Update 2020)

Cara Membuat STIKER TAHAN AIR Berkualitas Pro (Update 2020)

Akhirnya aku buat sekuelnya. Ini adalah tutorial Stiker DIY TERBAIK di Youtube. Dapatkan item dalam video di bawah ini! 0:00 Intro 1:21 Kertas mana yang Anda butuhkan untuk Stiker 2:18 Meletakkan Lembar Stiker untuk Pencetakan 3:28 Pencetakan Stiker dan Pilihan 4:09 Retas Stiker 4:30 Kertas Stiker Outro Matte Kertas Stiker Glossy *edit* *The Glossy Tidak Tahan Air tapi Mattenya* Krylon Clear Coatings Pilihan untuk Kertas Glossy tahan air dan UV My Instagram Thats the Angle Episode Thats the Angle podcast Tonton- Dengar- .


21 thoughts on “Cara Membuat STIKER TAHAN AIR Berkualitas Pro (Update 2020)

  1. Man everybody in the comments big mad about the price of the 100 sheets of sticker paper. You guys do realize online a roll of 100 labels / stickers is $100? If i can put 6 of my business labels on each page i can have over 600! It’s sooo much more affordable!!!
    Thanks for the video.

  2. You should have capitalized on the DIY videos bro. And then just expanded slowly into other areas. That’s marketing my guy!

  3. Thanks so much for the tip about slicing the back for easier peeling. I had that problem and it was quickly solved so thanks.

  4. you look stoned to bits matey hahah, sorry if your not lol.. cheers lad good vid keep it up..

  5. My man! I appreciate an individual whom recognizes constructive criticism and acts upon it instead of just projecting their feelings in regards to the criticism.

  6. PSA: Buy a solvent printer. That is the only type of printer that can actually make stickers. Inkjet and even Laser printers will not do the job. You will always have problems with smearing or scratching, or having to resort to laminating. DON'T DO THIS. Buy a roland bn20.

  7. Inkjet = koala matte
    There is NO SAFE glossy inkjet sticker paper, they all rub off.
    2 options for glossh stickers:
    Solvent printer
    Color laserjet

    Laserjet is cheaper, but runs the risk of damaging the fuser assembly if you run it too often.

    Solvent printers range between 3000 – 12000, but require a minimum of 4ft bolts of 50yd (not cheap).

    If you're selling for your vlog or hobby, market inket matte stickers and possibly laminate them (matte laminated is a bit ugly but durable) glossy is toooo shiny compared to actual glossy stickers you'd get at the store.

  8. Wish you woulda mentioned how you got the stickers cut out perfectly round. Did they do it there or what?

  9. HI the black ink on my polyester paper doesn’t want to dry. Is the paper the problem, or the ink ? I dunno, if someone has advices ! Thaaanks

  10. "…And general hate for a video i thought was pretty good"
    Im sorry, who tf is hating on you over stickers?

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