Cara membuat stiker logo di Rumah (Super Mudah)

Cara membuat stiker logo di Rumah (Super Mudah)

Hai, Terima kasih telah menonton video ini. Jangan lupa Like, Comment, dan Subscribe Cek Sosial Media saya ❤️ : Instagram @Mariesacosmetics Facebook: Mariesa Cosmetics For Business Inquires/ Sponsorship Only: $3 Glosses Logo DIY di rumah super mudah Cara membuat stiker logo di rumah Ini memang membutuhkan beberapa kali percobaan, tetapi akhirnya saya mendapatkannya cukup dekat untuk menyesuaikan stiker label lingkaran LINK!! Paket 120 Permanen…


26 thoughts on “Cara membuat stiker logo di Rumah (Super Mudah)

  1. Can you do this with a normal printer but with just the special paper please i need to know asap

  2. Fyi you didnt need to put the white background, that checkered pattern background means it will print clear, and since you war peinting on white sticker paper it will already come out white

  3. I’m working on launching some new designs of stickers launching/coming out in December and they’re Christmas stickers. I’m a teen and I work with my 15 year old sister. This is awesome and thank you for making this detailed video about making logos for a small business. I hope that your business is doing well and I’m subbing. And I absolutely love your logo! ❤️

  4. If you need a logo I do them for $15 you can check my work on my Instagram highlights @ebbonnii

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