Cara Membuat Stiker Huruf Kustom | Stiker | logo

Cara Membuat Stiker Huruf Kustom | Stiker | logo

Pelajari cara membuat stiker, stiker, dan logo kustom Anda sendiri! Plasti Dipping Motorcycle: Jika kalian memiliki pertanyaan, tinggalkan di komentar di bawah. Terima kasih telah menonton! .


18 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Stiker Huruf Kustom | Stiker | logo

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! So I already have a vinyl decal for my car windshield that is white and I wanted to change the color. I searched ways to paint the decal but that would have been way too much work. This would only require me to purchase an inexpensive vinyl sheet of the color I want and use this technique to copy the lettering and just place over the white decal that will be on my car!

  2. You made it a lot of hard! There are thousands of easy ways. Maybe I don't need to mention either

  3. How can I make a bigger one? I want to remove my Gixxersf sticker and want a same SUZUKI sticker but a big one.

  4. Nothing not to like about your creative and clever creation of the tank decals – great work – thank you for sharing!

  5. Can you do one that you have to create from scratch or maybe print of the internet and adjust it to suit the motorbike fairings. I want to write HONDA in big white letters across the bottom of the fiairng s on both sides.

    Could you show us that?

  6. You make it look so easy, many tks! Any thoughts (other than buy a new one!) about worn decals on the TV remote pls?

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