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  1. I have an epson printer when I load my sticker sheets and won’t print! What setting of paper should I put it on so it will print? Thank you!

  2. What the heck are the labels printed on? How do you get a regular piece of paper to be sticky?

  3. How did you cut it perfect. I tried to do the exact same thing, but there’s some white edges and I know that the cricut didn’t cut perfectly? So how did you line up your paper perfectly?

  4. I'm new to all of this! I love your videos, they are easy to follow! Thank you!
    Is it easier to download Cricut design or use the online version? You had refreshed the online version. How do you refresh on the downloaded Cricut design space program?

  5. i have tried this twice with no luck. the machine is cutting the middle out, the letter, i dont know what im doing wrong

  6. This was so helpful! Especially the Washi Tape setting. Also, a tip I have for others making a sheet of stickers, I would “space out horizontally” and “space out vertically” before I attach them all so they look neatly spaced out on the sheet.

  7. This is the best video, quick, easy to learn and the instructions really worked! Thank you

  8. This has been fantastic, I was struggling to get to grips with stickers. So Thank you very much.

  9. I have the cricut joy and have no idea on how to print images on to sticker paper or what printer would be suitable for that sticker paper or what sticker paper to use, I'm practically useless. Someone pleaseee help

  10. Any One Want the hardner & resin , You can contact me 8921456002( call / Whatsapp), We will Give with Wholsale Rate. And I will give the detail for the mixing and how the proceedure to make dome sticker

  11. Hi! I loved this video, but In case anyone doesn’t have a printer (such as myself) you can still make stickers without one! Go to for a really good and In-depth tutorial on how to make stickers without a printer. Again, no hate to this video or the creator, I just wanted to share this!

  12. What do you do if your stickers aren't being cut on a perfect circle? I have tried to recalibrate numerous times and this doesn't seem to fix my issue. Part of my sticker will have a white rim from not being cut exactly on the line 🙁

  13. Thank you for such an easy to follow tutorial! I made my first set of stickers today! Beautiful!

  14. Thank you for this. I have just got my 1sr cricut air 2 today and was wondering how to make stickers and you’ve explained it brilliantly 🙂

  15. can someone please help me, i’m printing 8 of the same photo on the page and the ones on the top turn out fine but the ones on the bottom turn out blurry someone please help me im desperate lol

  16. That slice thing just made my day!!! It is barely the beginning of this video and already it answered a question I had!

  17. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Washi Tape is an excellent setting to get kiss cut stickers.

  18. Hello, love your video! Have a quick question. After calibrating my cricut maker several times my circle stickers kept getting cut off center and have a bit of white around one portion of the sticker, is there anything I can do to fix this?

  19. can some one translate all that my english is not very good please need to do my asap!!!! thanks

  20. First thank you for this video. However, I’ve followed everything you did and when cutting, it’s cutting out all the details within my circle. HELP!!!!

  21. How were you able to cut a full page? All other videos I have watched shows that your limited to a smaller sheet size?

  22. Im not understanding why my circuit wants to cut out each letter rather than cut out the entire SVG as a whole

  23. Hi I'm confused on why you printed it in a separate printer 1st and not directly on cricut ? Do we need to do that step or does the cricut automatically do it without having to use a separate printer

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