Cara Membuat Label Logo Untuk Usaha Kecil

Cara Membuat Label Logo Untuk Usaha Kecil

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31 thoughts on “Cara Membuat Label Logo Untuk Usaha Kecil

  1. My daughter makes and sell candles. She has a label that had designed and uses but the label is printed on a white label. She wants it to be on a clear label with no white background. So on a clear label. Can this be done? It also has colors in it. Thanks so much

  2. Omg I absolutely loved your video. It was extremely helpful,you explained it so well and gave great tips. ❤👍

  3. Do you add more before sending it to print or when you send to make there's an option to add the other 5 to make the 6? Thanks

  4. I'm not sure which part I love more. The tutorial, or the voiceover. I knew you doing voiceover would enhance the video even more. Awesome job! 👍

  5. Thanks Summer… just adding that little flower behind it and some color just adds a little more to it…never even thought of that. What else ya got sister that my brain isn't thinking about.

  6. Thank you for sharing. You must have known something! I was only thinking this morning that i needed to do this but wasnt sure how to go about it. Love your work!

  7. Thank you so much. I have been so over paying for someone else to do this for me. Your the best!!!

  8. Hi doll, thank you so much for the video. I always enjoy watching them!
    Quick question… why did you choose printable vinyl over sticker paper?

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