Cara: Buku Stiker Happy Planner DIY (MAMBI)

Cara: Buku Stiker Happy Planner DIY (MAMBI)

Tutorial cara membuat buku Stiker Happy Planner. Instagram Saya: Terima kasih telah menonton! Berlangganan & Tinggalkan komentar! 🙂 …………………………………………… ……………………………………………….. ….. *****IKUTI SAYA: Mari Berteman 🙂 *INSTATGRAM: *FACEBOOK: *****HAPPY MAIL: Kirim Halo! MrsMomNextDoor Po Box 45726 Tinker AFB, OK, 73145 *****Ditampilkan dalam Video ini: Stiker Happy Planner dan Happy Planner *Barang-barang ini dapat ditemukan di toko Kerajinan & situs ini: www *Ukuran saya untuk buku ini: -Sampul: 5′ 3/4 wx 9′ 3/4 h -Halaman: 5′ 1/2 wx 9′ 1/2 h (pengukuran ini dapat diubah) *****Penawaran: * Dapatkan diskon 10% untuk pesanan Anda dengan tautan ini: *Erin Condren Life Planner: Dapatkan Diskon $10 untuk pembelian Erin Condren Anda dengan tautan rujukan saya: **** *Kode Kupon untuk Toko Etsy: MRSMOM50 Untuk diskon 50% pesanan: PaperCandyArt Jessica25 untuk diskon 25% pesanan: PlannerBellePress Jessica25 untuk diskon 25% pesanan: PlannerSisterSticker MOMNEXTDOOR20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: PadabirdDesign MRSMOM20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: EricaGDesigns MRSMOMNEXTDOOR untuk 20 Diskon % pesanan: RoesColoredDaze THANKYOU20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: PerttyPaperCrazy JESSICA20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: PaperTrailsNPigtails MRSMOMNEXTDOOR20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: GPS tickerStudio JESSICA20 untuk diskon 20% pesanan: PlanWithAna ancJessica untuk diskon 20% untuk pesanan $5+: ANCStickers MMND15 untuk diskon 15% untuk $20+ pesanan: PlanningWorld MOMNEXTDOOR untuk diskon 15% pesanan: KPLPlans JESSICA15 untuk diskon 15% $20 + pesanan: SimplyWatercolorCo MMND15 untuk diskon 15% pesanan: SponsoredByCoffee Jessica15 untuk diskon 15% pesanan: GottaHaveAPlan MRSMOMDAYDREAM untuk diskon 15% pesanan: AriasDaydream MRSMOMNEXTDOOR untuk diskon 15% pesanan: ChasingChels *Apa yang saya pakai: Gelang Saya: Kuku Saya: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel *****Untuk VIDEO LEBIH BANYAK OLEH SAYA: BERLANGGANAN dan klik Lonceng untuk pemberitahuan unggahan saya *Selamat Perencanaan! Terima kasih telah menonton! Semoga harimu menyenangkan! -Jessica alias Mrs.MomNextDoor *Ini bukan video bersponsor. *Untuk pertanyaan Bisnis: Happy Planner | MAMBI | Buku Stiker Perencana DIY | Buku Stiker Happy Planner DIY | Perencanaan | Perencana | Bagaimana | buatan sendiri | MrsMomNextDoor.


31 thoughts on “Cara: Buku Stiker Happy Planner DIY (MAMBI)

  1. What a wonderful idea! I have many HP stickers and it will be so nice to have them all in one book. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this. I was thinking about buying a sticker book or 3 but this is much easier and allows me use what I have already.

  3. When you make this with card stock does it usually just hold two books. That’s wheee I’m at I’m almost wishing I didn’t. Do that. Cause now I have all these books I’m gonna have to make like 5 of my own.

  4. There is a place to buy paper coated with silicone, especially for holding peeled stickers, which makes it so you can use the stickers again, or re-arrange them in the book:

  5. Hi there… Newbie here and looking at how to store stickers… do you find that by using just the notepaper or old pages, the "bending" to get stickers off is easier than using cardstock… of just the slip of cardstock option, maybe even one-sided… Thoughts? Thanks!

  6. once you finish a sheet of stickers do you refill the wax paper with more stickers or just crate more sheets? if that makes sense?

  7. What about the sticker book that Mambi started selling? They should have started with EVERY sticker pad punched, in the beginning.

  8. Great idea, thanks for sharing! I am just getting started this year with Happy Planner and of course a growing sticker collection. Hopefully, getting started early before tons of stickers are accumulated I can use this and get them organized. Thanks so much for it.

  9. I loved this video. It was the first one I watched when I decided I wanted to make a sticker book and I feel like you covered a lot of great ideas. I especially appreciated the idea of recycling items you may already have. Thanks!

  10. I bought these things that are made by happy planner and they don’t hold the sticker sheets to them at all what glue or adhesive do you recommend. What else can I do with them

  11. Thank you for such great ideas. The strips and unused planner pages are a great way to save and repurpose sheets!

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