bagaimana saya memformat lembar stiker saya untuk produksi

bagaimana saya memformat lembar stiker saya untuk produksi

wah!! saya harap Anda semua menikmati video ini — saya sangat bangga dengannya dan saya harap ini membantu Anda dalam beberapa cara atau lainnya!! *catatan: jika Anda memang memotong stiker sendiri menggunakan program siluet atau cricut, ini adalah metode yang bagus untuk meletakkan lembaran stiker sebelum membawanya ke perangkat lunak tersebut. ilustrator adalah temanmu !!! saya dulu mencetak dan memotong semua stiker saya untuk toko stiker saya di rumah, menggunakan 3 mesin potret siluet, tetapi toko saya mulai berkembang dengan cara yang tidak bisa lagi saya ikuti dengan membuat semuanya dengan tangan di rumah. jadi! saya mulai mengalihdayakan produksi stiker saya kali ini tahun lalu — melalui banyak percobaan dan kesalahan, ini adalah proses yang saya lakukan untuk memformat lembar stiker saya untuk dikirim ke perusahaan percetakan tersebut sehingga mereka menjadi keren dan indah! ° berikut adalah stempel waktu untuk semua panel instruksi, jika Anda ingin perincian cepat dari setiap langkah proses: • 8:05 — cara menambahkan lapisan isian putih di belakang stiker Anda • 9:57 — cara menyalin desain dari photoshop ke ilustrator • 12:35 — cara menyiapkan file Anda untuk cutline // baru-baru ini saya mengetahui bahwa Anda dapat menekan command + shift + v untuk menempatkan layer kedua tepat di atas layer pertama!! saya bilang saya sangat pemula ilustrator • 15:39 — cara membuat cutlines di ilustrator • 22:05 — cara menambahkan hiasan ° perusahaan stiker yang saya gunakan: • • ° sosial • seni + toko stiker: — pembaruan toko liburan saya adalah pada 11/16 !! • • insta: @chey.barton • twitter/pinterest/spotify: @cheyennebarton ° alat • adobe photoshop + ilustrator untuk mengatur dan mengedit stiker • berkembang biak di ipad untuk menggambar desain stiker saya • kamera: canon g7x mark ii • mengedit : adobe premiere pro cc + saya menggunakan procreate di iPad saya untuk membuat judul yang digambar tangan • semua musik dari ilysm!! .


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  1. Oh my goodness! This was so freaking helpful! Even though this is old, I loved this video as I always do!!!

  2. I know this is an older video, so you may have learned but in illustrator you can paste in place with the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + B (windows) Shift + Command + B (Mac). One less step for you to do in your workflow. 😀

  3. When I copy designs from PS to AI, the size of designs always become bigger. And I really don’t know why 🙁

  4. God this is the cutest intro, house decor, editing and person. Thank you for helping me open an Etsy shop now that I know how to make my stickers!

  5. Thank you so much! I've always been intimidated by switching programs/apps and illustrator just seems like a giant alien to me..but your instructions were so clear! It really helps, thank youuu (T.T)/

  6. I think you're definitely my comfort youtuber 🥺 all your videos are so helpful and idk it makes me feel calmer and less overwhelmed about figuring out how to do confusing art shop things ✨

  7. Please don't take this as hating I literally mean no hate whatsoever but I just wanted to say that you look a bit like Becky, who is Keith's wife (Keith from the Try Guys)

  8. What setting do you cut your stickers on? Cricut always cuts all the way through instead of sticker sheet

  9. I have a doubt. Can I arrange everything in Procreate itself and draw the cut line there itself with the pen and give it for production…and can the production sheet be in jpeg with white background and cutting lines included…?😅😅😅😅😅

  10. Cool!! Thank you! But can i ask you? Is it kiss cut version sticker or just sticker sheet? Hope you see my comment bcs i need it to production my sticker😭

  11. I laughed so hard when you talked about Bernadette Banner. I have been watching her too. Random fun in learning about sticker cutting!

  12. you're great! Thanks for this's awesome because you put the details on the side, so we can follow properly. it's a great idea. i just subscribed now. i should have discover your vlog earlier so i will learn more. I love it! I hope you can make a tutorial on Procreate too. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have a question: When I do the copy and paste thing from Photoshop to Illustrator, Illustrator fills kind of a rectangle behind every design with white and the color as well as the quality seems off. Does anyone know a solution for this?

  14. This was really helpful and informative, thank you!

    BTW, what kind of tea did you use in the beginning?
    And I TOTALLY understand what you mean about BOTW, I wish I could experience that game for the first time again lol.

  15. i love this so muchhh thank you for sharing your creativeness (¿) good word tho lol i don’t know if that exist lmao

  16. I absolutely love how when you first sit down, the angle of the camera makes you look like lo-fi girl in her study area!

  17. Hey, Cheyenne! I've been digging around the internet for answers, but I trust you most, so I thought I'd ask! I have my first picture book debuting in Feb, and we're hoping to make some stickers as gifts for pre-orders and launch. Is there a reason why you outsource rather than printing and cutting these at home? Just too much of a time investment, or is the equipment too expensive?

  18. Hot tip! When you copy/paste your designs onto your cutline layer in illustrator, if you paste with shift+ctrl+v, it will paste in place so you don't have to fiddle with the alignment!

  19. As I was watching this, I kept twitching, thinking that I needed to hit "command + S" to save the document 😂😂😂

  20. Hey Cheyenne I love this video!! Super informative and great for me as a beginner however with the photoshop update things have changed and I am struggling to move my drawings from Photoshop to Illustrator without a background and since I'm new to all this I don't know where to start, Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Or dare I ask for an updated video?

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