Buku Stiker DIY | Stiker Happy Planner & Lainnya

Buku Stiker DIY | Stiker Happy Planner & Lainnya

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32 thoughts on “Buku Stiker DIY | Stiker Happy Planner & Lainnya

  1. I would love to have anything that needs a good home. I am a newbie to Happy Planner- I have only had my planner for a month and only have 2 sticker books so far. I do not have any stores that sell planner supplies within 90 miles of my location, so I mostly buy online when I have the money. I really bought my planner to use as a budget planner because I really need to get a handle on my spending and am hoping this will work for me- but so far, I am really sending more by trying to set up a budget planner piece by piece. I am finding that it is really a lot of fun trying though. I have been trying to find some sticker books with flower stickers but haven’t been able to find any I can afford and thats the one thing I haven’t been able to find on eBay is used sticker books. Oh well, maybe this summer I can manage a trip to Traverse City to visit a craft store.

  2. Thats so cute! I Just buy my planner and 4 stickers boks… I confess u can never have enough 🙂 please sign me on on the giveaway =)). Thank u so much in avance

  3. I did this too but found that buying the punch was worth it. I used a coupon of course and now I can use virtually anything as a base – card stock, regular paper, acetate for covers, even sticker sheets themselves.

  4. i would love those im beggining to start a planner and I dont have any craft stores around me those would be perfect

  5. great idea! would love to be entered to receive some of those stickers. I currently use a bin filling system but I think this idea would be so much better for me.

  6. I am interested in the stickers you don't use.And can you get the sticker book supplies because I can't find them where I live

  7. A very functional lesson. I appreciate learning how to repurpose things. I am just getting started collecting things for a Happy Planner system. thanks.

  8. I know I'm late, but just in case… I'd adore any you have left over. I even have a plannergirlfriend who I could share with… I haven't bought ANY by Happy Planner brand stickers, only to avoid my husband's look of disapproval 😂

  9. I store my stickers using a stickerbook from happy planner but was curious on how u did the cover! divider dashboards are a great idea so im headed to michaels to get some 🙂

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